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We Keep Payroll Quick, Easy, Timely and Inexpensive


The payroll needs of every business are unique. It can be time-consuming, easy to misunderstand, and mistakes can be expensive. We handle the logistics of payroll, so you can run your business. Payroll is a passion for us and inexpensive to you!

While your small business is growing, your team will likely be growing as well, this is great news, but can come with the stress of having to properly pay multiple employees.  We understand the nuances of payroll systems, and would happily take this task off of your plate.  Payroll is a passion for us, and it should not be expensive for you!

With our comprehensive payroll program, we provide:


  • Direct Deposit for Employees & Contractors

  • Electronic Payment of Taxes (IRS & State)

  • Electronic Filing of Federal and State Returns

  • Year-end W2s

$40 per month gets you started–we beat the competition every time!

Contact us right away to find out about our SPECIAL OFFER for 1 month of FREE Payroll Services! 

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your payroll requirements,  give us a call at 305-423-6399 or email me at  We’re committed to providing you with the best level of service.

Payroll Service Comparison Chart.

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