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Enjoy The Benefits of Having an Outside CFO


Your business is growing at an increasing rate, and you may find that you are in need of consistent professional financial advice, but are not yet able to afford the addition of a full-time CFO to your team.

At SJH CPA, we provide the ideal solution for the small business that is growing quickly without a full time accounting department. We join your team as your business continues to thrive under your leadership, giving you time to focus on your business, increase your customer-base, and expand your vision. With our outside CFO Services, we customize a plan to match your specific needs.

Our team handles a variety of CFO responsibilities:

  • Customer Invoicing

  • Vendor Bills

  • Bill Payments

  • Organizational Budgets

  • Reporting

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Payroll

By engaging the use of an outside CFO service, not only do you have the benefit of your business’s finances being handled by experts, you also do not incur the additional cost of a salary, benefits + taxes for a full time accountant.

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